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Jamie Michelle, Maya Woulfe - Hand Caught In The Cookie Jar


Jamie Michelle has recently gotten married to a man who already has a son. When her friend, Maya Woulfe, comes over to hang out and make cookies, Jamie confesses that things in that department have gone a lot more smoothly than she weas expecting. In fact, Jamie finds Alex Mack to be very sweet. Maya counters by saying that she’s pretty sure her stepson is perving on both of them. The girls shoo him out of the kitchen every time he comes in and tries to look down their shirts. When the cookies are ready, Alex returns and sits down at the counter. When Jamie tells him to wait just a few more minutes, Alex whips out his hardon and starts stroking it off just out of the girls’ view. He doesn’t bother to put his dick away when Jamie finally offers him a cookie, so when he gets his hands stuck in the cookie jar Jamie and Maya both see what he’s been up to. Alex tries to run away from the ladies, but his hands really are stuck in the cookie jar. Maya and Jamie catch up to him and debate what they should do, and eventually settle on teaching him how to be a man. They get his hands unstuck, then shove him down on the couch sans his pants. As Alex watches, the girls get their hands on his dick and show no mercy as they stroke and suck him off, while enjoying each other’s lush charms, too. Jamie and Maya take turns peeling off bits of clothing until Jamie is nude from the waist down. She gets Alex to a sitting position and then climbs on top of his hardon to ride him and see if he can satisfy her while Maya watches and masturbates. Maya takes her turn bouncing away on Alex’s hardon as she leans forward to shove her boobs into Alex’s face. Then she gets on her back so that Alex can prove that he really is a man by banging her as Jamie muffles Maya’s moans by riding her mouth. Jamie gets another round of fun courtesy of Alex’s cock as she gets on her knees and makes out with Maya while Alex gives it to her in doggy. Maya even rolls onto her back so she can suckle Jamie’s big boobs as they sway with every one of Alex’s thrusts. Maya ends up with her thighs spread and Jamie rubbing her clit as Alex reaches his finish line. He pulls out just in time to cover his stepmommy’s ass in a shot of cum. Maya samples some and shares it with Jamie in a snowball kiss.

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