Kayley Gunner - Thankful For You

Kayley Gunner December 21, 2021


It’s a big occasion this Thanksgiving for Kayley Gunner and Tyler Nixon. They’ve just moved in together, and now Tyler is going to be meeting Kayley’s parents for the first time. Tyler is understandably nervous and trying to make sure all the details are taken care of, but Kayley needs a quickie before her parents show up and she’s not taking no for an answer. When Tyler isn’t immediately responsive to Kayley’s come ons, she brings out the big guns, literally, by shoving her tits in his face while feeling up Tyler’s hardon. She knows that Tyler can never resist those sweater puppies, and tonight is no exception. Eventually Tyler capitulates as long as Kayley understands that it’s going to have to be a quickie so they can get back to Thanksgiving prep. Peeling off her clothes as Tyler worships her body, Kayley gives her boyfriend plenty to enjoy. She doesn’t let him have too long to fill his hands and mouth with the bounty of her curves, though, because she spies a hard dick that is in serious need of a blowjob. Popping Tyler’s hardon out, Kayley strokes the root while sucking the tip in a maelstrom of delight. When she adds a titty fuck to the list, Tyler officially becomes putty in her hands. Bending Kayley over the kitchen island, Tyler drops to his knees to let his tongue explore her sleek slit. He is ruthless, plunging it into Kayley’s snatch and rubbing her clit. When he draws back and gets to his feet, Kayley leans forward in anticipation of the fullness that is to come as Tyler slides home from behind. His thrusts are guided by Kayley’s moans of approval as she supports herself on the countertop. Disengaging for a moment, Kayley urges Tyler to take a seat on a convenient stool. A hot moment later, she has straddled his hips to impale herself on his fuck stick. The position easily lets Tyler go to work pistoning in and out of Kayley’s velvet glove as she bounces right back. His hands can even explore her magnificent curves for added enjoyment. Laying Kayley down on the stool he has just vacated, Tyler laps her soft pussy clean of their mutual juices before he gets back onto his feet and slides back home. He hooks one of Kayley’s ankles over his shoulder to open her up for nice deep strokes that quickly have her moaning her orgasm. With Kayley’s pussy walls pumping his dick, Tyler just has to pull out and let her finish him off on her stomach. Now that they’ve both been well satisfied, it’s back to work prepping for the big meal!

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