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Kylie Rocket, Liv Revamped - Stepdads New Girlfriend


The last few months have been a ride for Kylie Rocket. She has always gotten along well with her stepdad, Charles Dera, but now Charles and Kylie’s mom have gotten divorced. Kylie still wants to stay with Charles, and one morning he sits her down at the kitchen table and assures her that she can. Charles goes on to say that he hopes it’s not too weird that he has already moved in his new girlfriend, Liv Revamped. Kylie assures Charles that she’s fine with Liv, but little does she know just how fine she’s about to be with the new addition to her life. The next day, Kylie is hanging out in the living room when Liv joins her on the couch. The girls get to chatting, and it soon becomes clear that Kylie has a thing for Liv. She breaks the ice by asking Liv what her stepdad’s dick is like, then moves on to complimenting Liv’s ass and even giving her a light spanking. Liv then returns the compliment by telling Kylie she has great boobs, which of course Kylie invites her to touch. One thing leads to another and the next thing the girls know they’re mid-makeout. Popping Liv’s tits out of her top, Kylie makes sure that Liv knows she’s got lovely boobies. Then Kylie gets Liv on her back so she can keep their party going by eating her out with plenty of stiff tongue thrusting into Liv’s greedy twat. In return, Liv tells Kylie to get on her knees so she can peel down Kylie’s shorts and panties so she can dive deep into Kylie’s pussy. They’re just getting to the good part when Charles comes home. Kylie barely makes it out of the living room before her stepdad catches them both in the act. Liv tries to kiss Charles hello like nothing happened, but he can taste the pussy on his girlfriend’s lips. Kylie steps in before Charles can get too mad at his girlfriend to try to deflect her stepdad’s anger. Rubbing her stepdaddy’s dick through his pants, Kylie makes it clear that she’s into him, too. Both girls are happy to share, so why wouldn’t Charles enjoy Kylie’s deep throat BJ and ball sucking. Once Charles gets both girls out of their pants, Liv takes the first ride on his fuck stick as Kylie’s hands are in constant motion to ensure Liv’s pleasure. Kylie takes the next ride in reverse cowgirl as Liv fondles and sucks her titties. The girls get to enjoy one another again as Kylie lays back with her legs spread wide to accommodate Liv on her knees between them. Charles, meanwhile, fucks Liv in doggy. The girls change spots so that Kylie is on her back with Charles giving it to her and Liv riding her face. That position lets both girls get off one last time and leads Charles to delivering a creampie to his stepdaughter, which cements their new relationship together.

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