Lena Paul, Evelyn Claire - Your Breasts Your Choice


Lena Paul arrives for her massage appointment, complaining about her back. The masseuse, Evelyn Claire, is secretly attracted to Lena’s large breasts, but soon brings Lena to the private room to begin the massage session. They both undress for the massage, and Lena complains that her large breasts are the reason why she has back and shoulder pain. Evelyn begins the massage. Lena eventually reveals that she’s self-conscious of her breasts and wants to reduce their size. She’s tired of feeling pressured to love her big breasts just because other people find them attractive. Evelyn admits that she admires Lena’s breasts, but adds that Lena should do what she thinks is best, as long as she’s doing it for HERSELF, no matter what size her breasts are. This eventually leads to Lena feeling empowered and aroused. She says that right now, what she wants is… Evelyn! The sensual massage turns to sex, with passionate kisses, and Lena rubbing her breasts against Evelyn’s pussy. They try out various positions, stroking and tasting each other with great pleasure. After the sex, Lena still isn’t sure yet what she wants to do about her breasts, but what she does know is that she wants to embrace and kiss Evelyn some more. Great choice!

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