Lexi Luna - Turning Me On

Lexi Luna June 7, 2021


Lexi Luna is loving life as a lingerie and softcore model. Today she’s posting with Robby Echo. Robby is nice and flirty as he snaps shots. Lexi hams it up for the camera, flaunting all her luscious curves. When Robby takes a break from shooting, Lexi asks to see the photos. She tells Robby that they’re turning her on, and that she’ll need to masturbate. Robby gets some sultry shots of Lexi making good on her promise, but Lexi doesn’t want to have the camera on her right now when she suspects she could just have Robby inside her. Tugging Robby close, she seals her lips to his for a deep kiss. Then Lexi lets Robby get to his feet so she can pull his jeans down and satisfy her urges by delivering a nice deep throat blowjob. Taking her time, she licks and sucks from balls to tip as she sates herself on the musky delight. Now that Robby is just as hot and horny as she is, Lexi can’t wait another moment to get her kicks. She pushes him down onto the couch and climbs on top of him. Sinking down onto Robby’s fuck stick, Lexi shoves her tits into his face and starts rocking her hips for a full blown stiffie ride. The position shoves her generous boobs into Robby’s face for added delight. He can even reach around and double down on Lexi’s pleasure by rubbing her anus. When Lexi turns around for some reverse cowgirl action, Robby gets to enjoy the full curves of her backside. Taking a seat on the arm of the couch and then falling backward so that her pussy is presented like the gift it is. Robby dives face first into that greedy cooch. He feasts on their combined juices, then lifts one of Lexi’s legs to hook her ankle over his shoulder and go back for more sex. Flipping Lexi onto her belly, Robby keeps up his proper pussy pounding as Lexi moans long and loud. Cupping his hands beneath Lexi’s chest, Robby pinches the nips and squeezes the tits. That added pressure really gets Lexi off. Falling to her side on the couch with Robby spooned behind her, Lexi lifts her leg once again to welcome Robby back inside. He takes her up on the offer by guiding himself home one last time. Lexi’s velvet glove milks the last of Robby’s resistance from him as he gives her one last big O. Pulling out, he barely makes it to Lexi’s mound before he pops his load and leaves her cum covered and sated.

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