Mckenzie Lee, Sheena Ryder - Coming Out Of Her Shell


It’s Isiah Maxwell and McKenzie Lee’s anniversary, and Isiah’s ready to give his loving wife a gift that she’ll never forget. McKenzie is touched and very curious… even more so once there’s a knock on the door! When Isiah answers it, Sheena Ryder steps in with a massage mattress, surprising McKenzie. It seems that Isiah arranged for a lovely private massage just for her, and Sheena’s ready to put her magic hands to work. Although McKenzie’s a little shy, once Isiah promises that he’ll stick around while she gets massaged, she happily accepts. Of course, McKenzie wasn’t quite expecting the massage to be so erotic! It’s not long before Sheena’s naked, oiled-up body is rubbing all over her own. It’s anything but relaxing as sexual tension builds up deep inside of McKenzie… a kind of sexual tension that she’s never known before. Finally, too embarrassed, McKenzie stops the massage. Once she admits to being aroused by another woman’s touch, Isiah is nothing but supportive. In fact, he encourages her to explore these new feelings, with Sheena’s permission, of course! Although McKenzie’s still a bit nervous, she’s intrigued… but it’d be rude to NOT enjoy her adoring husband’s gift to the fullest, wouldn’t it?

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