Roxy Risingstar - While You Watch

Roxy Risingstar May 7, 2021


Roxy Risingstar is locked and loaded for a good time. She struts into the bedroom where Raul Costa is waiting patiently for her. Putting on a show with her sexy swaying hips, Roxy makes her way to the bed. She splays herself out, filling her palms with the generous delight of her tits. Raul makes it through watching Roxy begin to play with her own pussy before he just has to join her. He slides his hands between Roxy’s thighs to replace her touch with his. Finger banging Roxy’s slick twat, he gets her moaning nice and loud as he makes sure she’s wet and ready for the fun to come. Roxy does some prep work of her own as she takes Raul’s fuck stick in hand. Pulling him nice and close to her lips, she opens wide for a taste of her personal treat. She keeps on sucking as Raul thrusts into her mouth. When he disengages so he can resume exploring the sleek folds of Roxy’s pussy with his hand while suckling her titties with his mouth, Roxy guides him in his explorations with her loud moans of delight. They start their carnal coupling with some spooning sex that lets Roxy keep on fondling her clit. Soon, though, Raul rolls onto his back and pulls Roxy on top of him. She takes the invitation, sliding down to ride in reverse cowgirl as her big boobs bounce away with every single thrust of her hips. Turning around, Roxy keeps the party going with rocking hips even as she leans in to capture a kiss and to get her nipples suckled. Roxy takes the moment after hopping off the D to lean down and suck her own juices from Raul’s hardon. Then she gets on her knees in an invitation that Raul can’t imagine refusing. He sinks balls deep into that tight fuck hole and give it to her just the way she craves. Rocking back to meet every stroke, Roxy takes everything that Raul has to give her. When Roxy has finally had enough, she gets on her back and props her titties up on her arm. That creates the perfect platform for Raul to aim for as Roxy licks and strokes him towards a happy ending. When Raul finally does nut all over her face and open mouth, Roxy is all smiles as she licks his dick clean.

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