Cadence Lux - Who's Your Daddy?

Cadence Lux April 9, 2020


Dominant stepdaddy, Chad, and eighteen year old firecracker, Cadence Lux meet in the bathroom and she finally gets what she's been aching for. All Cadence wants is to be loved, to be fulfilled body and spirit by a dominant man, and the wheels are in motion! Just last night Cadence was allowed to service him, and also teach his stepdaughter, Kenna how to make love for the very first time. Cadence peeled off her panties and wanted more, "I want to feel you inside of me," she purred, but he rejected her, for the second time. Cadence is not used to rejection, she rejects, not the other way around! He grabbed her face and sneered, "you need to learn submission." And so the beautiful deed was done last night. Chad teased Cadence with just a taste of his cum, and he knows she wanted more. She looks over at Chad sleeping so soundly with his stepdaughter and Cadence burned with jealousy. She gets out of bed and begins to plan, "I have to isolate him from her. I must let him see that I'm worthy of him." Cadence's pussy is wet, "I asked to be dominated, but enough is enough!"

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