Cadence Lux - While The Wifes Napping

Cadence Lux July 4, 2020


Married couple Kenzie Madison and Derrick Pierce are lying on their backs on side-by-side massage tables, towels draped over them. There’s awkward silence as they wait, until finally Derrick speaks up to complain about being dragged there by Kenzie to celebrate their anniversary. But he quickly stops grumbling when Cadence Lux, the gorgeous masseuse, walks in. When she gets a look at Derrick, Cadence seems to like what she sees too, barely concealing her attraction as she bites her lip. Announcing that they’re going to begin the massage now, Cadence can barely keep her lusty eyes off of Derrick, who looks very nervous but excited at the attention she’s giving him. His wife Kenzie doesn’t seem to notice as Cadence tells her to close her eyes. She’ll be putting cucumber slices on her eyes as part of the deluxe treatment. Kenzie seems excited. ‘Ooh, did you hear that hon? How exotic!’ Cadence grabs some cucumber slices and places them on Kenzie’s eyes and begins to massage her. But the masseuse is barely paying Kenzie any attention, she’s looking straight at Derrick and giving him flirty smiles and winks. Derrick can’t take his eyes off Cadence. As soon as the first touches of the massage begin, Kenzie moans exaggeratedly. She exclaims how good it feels and that she’s never felt more relaxed. As she massages Kenzie, Cadence stares at Derrick, pantomiming giving a blowjob. Derrick can’t believe what he’s seeing, gulping with nervous excitement and making a ‘who, ME??’ gesture. Cadence nods, licking her lips. By now he’s practically panting. Soon, both Cadence and Derrick begin to hear Kenzie softly snoring. Overwhelmingly relaxed, Kenzie has clearly dozed off. Cadence puts her finger to her lips as if to say ‘shh’ to Derrick, and winks. With Kenzie slumbering, Cadence whispers that she has something SPECIAL for Derrick. Grabbing some NURU gel, she slips Derrick’s towel off and pours the gel on him, beginning to give him a handjob. His eyes widen but Cadence again encourages him to ‘shh’, and he nods excitedly and lets her continue. Soon she begins to body slide on him and it doesn’t take long for her to slide his hard cock into her tight pussy. Clearly nothing`s going to stop Cadence and Derrick from hooking up, but can they be quiet enough not to disturb Derrick’s napping wife??

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